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Blind Feather's Journey - Part 1

A journey that never had any final destinations and expectations. Starting Point - Chennai. Next Stop - Araku Valley

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A dream to conquer the world and to see all the places. When I say all the places its a big dream. But all it needs the first step.

When I say, I had thought of backpacking alone. The first thing others said is I cannot last even a week of it. I just ignored everything. Quit my Job and just begins my journey. I haven't planned the trip or made the checklist must cover these areas. Just started with the thought lets go to Araku Valley and see what next. One thing I was sure was, it's a budget trip.

Day 1 - July 10th 2019:

I started my journey with the Unreserved ticket to Visage. Well when I say unplanned and budget trip, most of them might not expected this. I just went to Chennai Central Railway Station and took the first train that goes via Visakhapatnam. I thought if I traveled during the weekdays, there won't be much crowded. Never Make the same mistake that I made. It was as crowded as it would be on weekends.


I was crushed, stepped on and squeezed to a pulp on the very first day of my trip. It continued for the whole 13hrs of my journey. At last, I escaped for the squeezing train, And then booked the train to Araku Valley and slept on the platform.

Day 2 - July 11th 2019:

The first train to Araku valley started around 4:30 AM. Once the train crossed the city area, the scenic view started to appear and all my fatigue started to disappear. On the way, you can see the train goes through the lots of caves and farmlands with an awesome view... Railway stations with the valley view and the tracks that are hiding under the majestic mountains.


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